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“Dr. Chesnut is probably the best example of the new generation of modernly trained international surgeons. He has chartered a solid, intelligent course, innovating and progressing new techniques while showing an uncanny aptitude to maximize his patients’ outcomes with minimally invasive approaches.”
SOPREF, French Society of Oculoplastic Reconstructive Esthetic Surgery
“One of America’s most loved surgeons, but not just because of his media exposure. It is largely thanks to his results – at once both natural and very high impact.”

Through 3 successful surgeries with Dr. Chesnut I realize I’ve had the best of the best. Dr Chesnut is a master of his craft, at the top of his profession. I would travel anywhere in the U.S. to benefit from his surgical skill. His confidence and skill come with warmth, genuine caring for his patients and pride in the quality of care and results he provides. His team is very responsive and helpful prior to and post procedure. (Shelby, JenAh, Nicole, Gail)

Healthy 51 Yr Old Who Loves the Outdoors and Had the Sun Damage, shikel

Dr. Chestnut is highly knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to explain the procedure and gave me a very realistic idea of what to expect during and after the procedure. Dr. Chestnut gave a detailed understanding of what kind of improvement I would see and how long it would take to see it. He followed up with me several times post procedure to ensure that I was healing properly. I am highly satisfied with my overall experience and have returned for other procedures.

Severe Stretch Marks, Used CO2 As Alternative, MelissaIvette

During the process he was very careful and followed up with me the next week. Dr. Chesnut made sure to inquire about my results and if I was experiencing any reaction. He is well trained and I have interacted with several surgeons. I feel he has great bedside manners and I would visit him again or refer anyone to him. Don’t wait to make an appointment with him…just call now!!

Better Botox With Dr. Chesnut Than the East Coast!, hollyrinaldi