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The Next Level Of Recovery And Regeneration

Dr. Chesnut is a constant self-experimenter, biohacker, and proponent of maximizing the performance and recovery already built into our body’s physiology. He takes that performance and recovery-based mindset into all of the procedures that he performs, and the difference in post-procedural recovery is dramatic!

Depending on the procedure performed, from rejuvenative facial surgery to simple injectables, Dr. Chesnut will customize a recovery package specifically for you, which is always included with your treatments – Dr. Chesnut wants to maximize your recovery potential and minimize your downtime!

Components of your recovery package may include:

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine encompasses what are likely the most powerful, and definitely the most exciting modalities to improve cellular function and maturation, especially in healing tissues. Dr. Chesnut routinely uses his proprietary, matrix-enhanced, hyperconcentrated PRP (hotlink to other part of website?) to deliver sustained release of your own growth factors to healing tissue. In addition, fat-based stem cells are often very simply harvested and utilized to enhance recovery and augment facial volume.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the delivery of oxygen to healing tissues, which improves healing time and quality while reducing swelling and bruising. Hyperbaric oxygen reduces oxidative stress and free radical damage from inflammation after these procedures by increasing your body’s capacity to neutralize this damage.


Did you know that Dr. Chesnut‘s undergraduate biology work was based in nutrition? Nutrition during your recovery period is maximized not just with micro- and macro-nutrients, but also with phytonutrients such as Arnica and bromelain. Dr. Chesnut routinely uses MEND Cosmetic, a medical dietary supplement with an evidence based proprietary formulation of nutrients designed to support healing following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates 

Light Emitting Diode Therapy

Photobiomodulation is a term referring to the interaction that various wavelengths of light have with our cellular mechanisms to modulate their function. When cells have been injured, by a laser or other skin treatment, utilizing specific wavelengths of light can stimulate those cells and reduce oxidative stress, improving blood flow to the skin surface and enhancing your body’s natural antioxidants defenses. This increases cellular function, speeds healing, and lowers any inflammation and discomfort associated with recovery.  Caption for photo of me under LED

Pain Management

Dr. Chesnut is one of the pioneers and the first to publish about and lecture on the use of a long acting local anesthetic and nerve block to control pain after cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This afternoon negates the need for narcotic based pain pills after surgery or other procedures, helping you feel better as quickly as possible without the fogginess and gastrointestinal issues that come with narcotic pain medications.

Hair Restoration

Dr. Chesnut utilizes LED therapy with regenerative hair treatments, and it has been shown to help stimulate hair growth via similar mechanisms to those mentioned above. In addition, topical therapies are customized to your specific needs for integration and inclusion in your treatment protocol.

Topical Treatments

Direct delivery of antioxidants and growth factors to healing skin is the simplest mechanism possible, in addition to maximized nutrition, to ensure that your healing skin has the maximum healing capacity available. Dr. Chesnut will customize your specific topical regimen based off your individual needs and the procedure you are having – this often includes tinted sunscreen to cover visible redness in addition to growth factors, antioxidants and other topical peptides that can provide benefit.

Scar Management

Scars after surgical procedures are generally unnoticeable and non-bothersome – much of that starts in the active recovery phase utilizing topical scar gels and lasers, when needed. Dr. Chesnut likes to be very proactive and maximizing your outcome by minimizing the appearance of any scars